40 Years of Kentish Town City Farm

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David Powell


Listen as one of the founders of the Farm recounts the story of its founding by Inter-Action.

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Maggie Mendy

Maggie MendyMaggie has lived in the Gospel Oak area for over 40 years.  She talks about how living in Gospel Oak and shopping on Queen’s Crescent have changed since she was growing up.

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Liz Jellinek


Liz lived in Kentish Town in the 1970’s – including time spent in a squat on Prince of Wales Road.  She still lives in the area, and is now an amateur historian of the squatting movement.  Based on her own experiences and her research, she describes the local housing conditions at that time, the squatting movement and many of the local organizations active in the community at that time.

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Kit Osborne

Kitt OsbourneKit was born in Camden in the 1930’s. She recalls life in London during the blitz, describes living conditions for a typical working family both before and after the war, and talks about how Queen’s Crescent market has changed over the years. She tells us what she observes at the Farm from her kitchen window, and why it’s so important to the community.

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Joyce Kelly


Joyce was born in Camden in 1928 and lived here her whole life. Sadly,  she died recently,  but up until a few weeks before she passed, she continued her work as a volunteer at Kentish Town City Farm. In this excerpt, she shares colourful stories of her early years growing up in a large working class family in the years leading into WWII.

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Foyzur Meah

Foyzeur MiahFoyzur describes what it was like for him growing up in one of the only Asian families in Kentish Town in the 1990’s. Now as the manager of the local community centre, and a parent, he offers his thoughts about how the area has become more diverse and tolerant, describes trading conditions at Queens Crescent market, and explains why the Farm is still his favourite spot in town.

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Jean MacRae

Jean MacRae c 1973 (2)From her perspective as a member of the Gospel Oak Children’s Workshop in the 70’s and resident of Kentish Town since the early 80’s, Jean describes the housing and redevelopment situation which changed the area geographically, disrupted the local community and gave rise to the squatting movement.

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Jenny Chalkwright

???????????????????????A long-time resident of Camden, Jenny shares her thoughts about the area including Queen’s Crescent and the Farm. She talks about some of the changes she has observed over the past 20+ years.

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