40 Years of Kentish Town City Farm

Rachel Schwartz

Stroller Memory

I was walking Stroller through the riding arena in the snow. He was semi-retired at the time, being one of the longest running members of the horse stock at the Farm.


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Summer Workshop Memory

These pictures show Holly and Clare, sisters and now all grown up, when they were little.  They were part of a summer workshop at the farm and made paper mache geese.

You can see Holly is wearing her riding kit – as usual!



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Kerry’s Memory

Kerry Kennedy memory photoMy Last 14 Years at the Farm

As a young girl growing up in Camden on Agar Grove estate, we always had pets you know the typical dogs, cats and birds. I always dreamed of working on a farm like my family did back in Ireland and Ashford. My uncles were all shepherds on massive sheep farms and my mum would tell me about when she was little helping my uncle bill and I would listen to stories wishing it was me.

At 5 years old we moved to Maitland Park Road my dad found out about the farm and brought me and my sisters round there… and that was it I was in love, that’s is what I wanted to do I wanted to be a farmer.

Now at 20 years old I’m still there and work as cover staff for the farmer, and I am still as much in love with what I do as I did then. Not only that working on the farm has given me opportunities I would have never been able to such as get an apprenticeship with ZSL London Zoo, studying zoological horticulture and to some that’s boring compared to a zoo keeper. But in fact its more important… And I loved it.

To sum up my last 15 years, it has kept me off of the streets as a teenager, helped me gain a qualification and a opportunity of a life time. So I thank Kentish Town City Farm and its staff for still putting up with me today.

Kickboxing Memory

Every Saturday I used to take part in a kick boxing and self-defense workshop, along with several other older volunteers. We did this for about a year and now I have this little skill for life.

It was good fun, even though I was small and afraid of hurting the instructor.


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Singletons Memory

At the Singleton Show for Rare and Traditional Breeds in Sussex, 1990.   John is leading Maggie and Natalie is leading Bubby, our Belties (Belted Galloway cattle – you can’t really see the “belts” in this picture though).    The Farm took 4th place that day.


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